Well-being, eco-commitment, and action for the planet - all in one basket!

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The Circle of the Earth

At Appia Market, every purchase is a gesture for the planet. With natural artisanal products, we invest a percentage of our profits in reforestation. Your purchase becomes a step towards a greener world.


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Singapore's Supertrees: Technological Wonders or Ecological Aberration?

Dive into the Singapore “Supertrees” debate: technology and ecology meet in these green giants. Discover how this urban innovation is redefining our relationship with nature.

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The Virtuous Circle: Create a Positive Impact with Simple Gestures

Discover the power of the virtuous circle, a whirlwind of good deeds that can transform your life and the world around you. Learn how small, positive gestures can spark a...

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The Benefits of Natural Beauty Products: Take Care of Yourself and the Planet

Find out why natural beauty products are the ideal choice to take care of yourself while preserving our planet. Explore the benefits for your skin, health and the environment.

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