Our Commitment: The Circle of the Earth

At Appia Market, we are firm believers in the power of circularity. We've built an ecosystem where every product you buy becomes a centerpiece of our sustainability mission.

How does this virtuous circle work?

1. Responsible Purchasing: Every time you choose one of our artisanal products, made from natural materials, you become a guardian of the planet. Your act of purchase becomes a concrete gesture for the preservation of our precious environment.

2. Reforestation and Agroforestry: We invest a percentage of our net profit in agroforestry and reforestation projects across the globe. This direct action supports the restoration of vital ecosystems, promotes biodiversity and fights climate change.

3. Virtuous Circle: Your purchase creates a powerful virtuous circle. The natural materials, from which our products come, return to nature in a sustainable way. Local artisans, who passionately design these artisanal treasures, receive direct support. Finally, you adopt a sustainable lifestyle, thus promoting harmony between man and the planet.

More than just a purchase

Your Circle of the Earth at Appia Market is not just an act of purchase

It's a commitment to conscious living, an engaged community, and a palpable positive impact on our planet. Together, we transform every product into a meaningful step towards a greener world, one purchase at a time. Join us on this adventure for a better world, where circularity is the key to a more sustainable future.


Partner of Tree-Nation

Tree Nation, founded on an ambitious mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2050, coordinates and implements reforestation projects around the world. Each project helps fight deforestation, combat climate change and support local communities. Through their reforestation and conservation efforts, they help restore forests, create jobs, support local populations and protect biodiversity. With their Tree-Nation platform, they use technology to make tree planting accessible to everyone and to help individuals and businesses transition to a sustainable future.